3 Reasons Why Servicing Your Hydronic Heating System Is Essential

The Importance of Servicing Your Hydronic Heating System

Just like you would service your car at regular intervals, it is just as imperative to have a hydronic heating service once every year to ensure your boiler and the heating system are running at an optimal level. Servicing annually will prolong the lifetime of your boiler and avoid any small problems becoming bigger problems without the proper care required. Without a yearly service, your system could become inefficient, costing you more money in the long run if problems arise. We’ve identified three main reasons for servicing your hydronic heating system yearly.

1. To find small issues before they become big issues

When an accredited hydronic specialist services your hydronic heating Bosch boiler and heating system, they will be testing the pressure of the system, looking for leaks and assessing the water quality. As your hydronic heating is a system that relies on pushing water through connecting tubes, a small issue in any part of the system can cause the issue to spread. Finding any small issues during an annual service before they evolve into larger issues is far more affordable than having to pay for major parts or repairs down the track.

2. To ensure the system is running efficiently

Our Hydrotherm hydronic heating service specialists test the water quality and boiler function during your service, anything less than perfect suggests that your hydronic heating system is not running at optimum performance and in turn, will be costing you more to run than what it should. One of the major benefits of installing hydronic heating in the home is to see the big reduction in your energy bills so your servicing specialist will be looking to make sure your running costs are in line with their expectations. If not, your servicing specialist will aim to find the cause of an inefficient system and fix this in your service.

3. To keep your Bosch boiler warranty

As a Bosch Hydronic Specialist Dealer, Hydrotherm Hydronic have access to the world’s most efficient brand in Hydronic Heating and boilers that come with up to 5 years warranty, providing the system is serviced annually by a Bosch Hydronic Specialist Dealer. The Bosch Hydronic Boiler acts like the engine of your hydronic heating system, so it is very important to keep it running smoothly so that you can enjoy affordable heating for years to come.

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