Hydronic Heating Radiator Panels

Hydronic Heating Radiator Panels 2020-03-18T00:37:21+00:00

From the world renowned Bosch group comes the celebrated Buderus radiator brand. Buderus, (Bosch’s European & global radiator brand) sets the standard for radiator designed and construction. Manufactured to meet only the highest German engineering standards, Buderus radiators are also covered by Australia’s leading manufacturing warranty (25 Years) to ensure not only superior operating efficiency but extended product durability.


Benefits of radiators

There are a multitude of benefits when choosing to use radiators as opposed to other methods of in-home hydronic heating. Designed to maximise heat performance, the Buderus range of Bosch radiators have been carefully designed to distribute the cleanest and most consistent heat output. With a simple yet modern design, the pure white finish of this hydronic heating system also offers a functional protective coating.


Radiator Design

The modern design and pure white finish provides a stylish, yet functional protective coating.The German specified, heavy duty bracketing system offers superior stability and lifelong peace of mind. This universal bracket system also makes locating studs easier in existing homes.

Available in a vast array of heights and sizes, Buderus radiators provide the ultimate heating solution for your home.