How To Select The Right Radiator For Your Home

Choosing a hydronic radiator can be a difficult decision. With so many sizes, colours, materials and designs to choose from it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect radiator for your home.

Size of room

When choosing a hydronic radiator, the size should be determined by the amount of the space you’re intending to heat up. Finding the right radiator size for your room will eliminate the risk of wasting money on a radiator that is either too small and doesn’t radiate enough heat throughout the room, or choosing one that is unnecessarily large when a smaller one would work just as well.

Type of room

The type of room is also crucial when choosing a radiator. For example, as space is usually quite tight in bathrooms and laundries, a towel rail style radiator may be a good choice, serving as a functional spot to hang towels, while also providing heat. It is important to find a radiator that is functional for the room that it is in.

Interior design

Radiators are no longer designed just to be practical and heat your home. With so many types of radiators on offer it is no surprise that they are becoming focal points of rooms. The look and design of your radiators may be especially important in living and dining rooms, as this is where your family and guests will be spending the most time.

If you wish to make a bold statement piece you will need to consider what materials and colours you want to make your radiator stand out. Some popular choices include chrome, stainless steel or bright coloured radiators.

Many people prefer to go for a more subtle radiator that seamlessly blends in with their home. To do this, choose a radiator made from materials that are similar to those already within your home. Further, matching your radiator to your colour scheme is a great idea.

Choosing a radiator is a big decision. It is important to do your research and take your time to decide on the perfect heater for you. For more information on radiators, click here or call us on 03 9464 4622 to speak to one of our friendly staff.

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