Top 5 Reasons to Install Slab Heating in Your Home

In-Slab Hydronic Heating is widely used throughout Europe as the most efficient way to heat a home with even temperatures and has quickly grown in popularity throughout Australia. We’ve been installing in-slab hydronic heating in Australia for over 30 years and with winter on the horizon, we’ve listed the top reasons why Australians are choosing in slab hydronic heating when building their new home.

1. Cheaper over the long term

Despite the higher upfront costs, it is estimated that in-slab hydronic heating is approximately 30% cheaper to run than many gas ducted heating systems or central heating. Together with Hydrotherm Hydronic’s partnership with Bosch, customers can rely on up to 25 years warranty on Bosch systems that ensures you’ll be properly enjoying hydronic heating without the high running costs for a lifetime! The most cost-effective way to have in-slab hydronic heating installed is during the building process to avoid any extra costs of having your existing floors removed and re-installed.

2. Allergy Friendly

Unlike ducted heating or split system heaters, in-slab hydronic heating doesn’t force any air around the home, so it is not responsible for circulating any allergens. Dust mites and bacteria often find a home inside the open ducts or outdoor systems of other heating systems that are then blown around the home, causing grief for asthma or allergy sufferers. Some customers have even reported that their dermatitis and eczema has completely calmed down thanks to hydronic heating!

3. Doesn’t Make Noise or Take Up Space

It’s not until you don’t have any noise that you realise how much you hated it! Your old ducted heating system kicking into gear will be a thing of the past and you’ll never step on a hot ducted heating vent or have to look at ugly split systems again. The beauty of in-slab hydronic heating is that everything is hidden and nothing makes noise, so you can forget about having hot air blowing in your face and your walls will be left free for artwork rather than appliances!

4. Most Comfortable

Typically with ducted or central heating systems, the heat is pushed through air and quickly rises which gives cool drafts and leaves the space that you occupy cold as soon as the system is turned off. In-slab hydronic heating heats from the floor up without forcing the heat with air which means every inch of the home is heated to the same temperature as the heat continues to rise upwards. Most customers choose to zone the different rooms of their house with a thermostat that controls each zone depending on how frequently they’re in use. Zoning the rooms allows you to set the heated temperature slightly lower in the bedrooms than the common areas for a restful sleep. In-slab hydronic heating is the easiest way to have a consistently comfortable temperature throughout winter.

5. Safest

In-slab hydronic heating works by heating warm water and circulating it through tubes beneath the floor. The heat is radiated through the porous floor which means that young children can’t burn themselves on anything inside the house and you’ll never have the problem of harmful gases and toxins in the air like some older heating systems have.

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